Date Posted
1st May 2021

New Era for Swim Squad

After standing poolside since 1993, Rick Wells has handed over the coaching paddles and swim lanes to Dan Feisst.  It is a new era for the squad, and an opportunity to build on decades of cameraderie and routine of masters squads at The Olympic in Newmarket.

Rick Wells shared...

Standing poolside since 1993 has been a tremendous privilege and joy for me as I have watched thousands of people of all ages develop a love for the water (and hopefully some great skills and fitness too).  Since 2016, we have been Rick Wells Sport; growing and developing as a leading squad in our area and sharing plenty of life events amongst the squad along the way.  Competing together and motivating each other through the Triathlon World Champs, World Masters Games, Epic Ocean Charity Challenges, and countless Ocean Swims, it has been a great journey. 

The time now has come for me to hand the paddles onto a new team with new energy, so that we can all continue to grow. (and I can retire to a life of swimming for pleasure) 

Thank you to all the team that have supported me through this journey from the beginning – including Lynley, Lee, Jemma, Hamish, Dan, Rob, Jillian, Kate, and Jason – it has been great to spread the load and enjoy the variety of inputs.

Now, I would like to welcome back Dan as the new owner of the Swim Squads at The Olympic!  I would like to wish you all the best and look forward to swimming with you…

Rick Wells

New Owner and Head Coach Dan Feisst welcomes the team

Welcome to Swim Squads at The Olympic. A new name, and a new owner but retaining all the best of the camaraderie and swim fun that has been built over the last (for some) 25+ years.  I am super excited to take the paddles and lead the swim squad forward into the future.  Many of you have met me previously, and I look forward bringing my significant swim coaching experience and love of all things swimming to The Squads at The Olympic.

Dan has been in the pool, beside the pool, in the ocean and all things swim since....he could walk.  Dan's first job was performance swim coaching. Starting out working with the little kids working on basics right through to NZ title holders and assisting with Olympic swimmers including video analysis and running the programs. I was lucky enough to work under Jan Cameron for over a decade at the North Shore Swimming club helping set up solid structures and programs that provide a pathway for swimmers from learn to swim to high performance swimming.

Over this time I realised my passion was helping the everyday swimmer, people like yourself, so once the opportunity came up and all the stars aligned, here we are today!

Dan is looking forward to working with our team of coaches and swimmers to take things to the next level.