Preparing to Swim

Swim Squad Gear

Gear to get the best out of squad sessions

  • Swim cap, goggles and togs
  • Drink bottle
  • Swim bag (ideally mesh to drain water) including:
  • Kick board (optional)
  • Pull buoy
  • Paddles (consider both technique and standard paddles)
  • Flippers
  • Swim snorkel (optional)
  • Band

(All gear named)

Being one of the team - squad etiquette

Swim Squad etiquette and tips for understanding the coach.

To ensure that everyone has a great experience, there are simple rules that apply when in the pool.

  • Always leave 5 seconds apart
  • Always swim to the left hand side of the lane
  • When finished your set, please pull to the side of the wall so the other lane swimmers can finish.
  • Respect other swimmers no matter what their ability
  • Note your times for sets…this will help you gauge improvement and ensure you are completing the session for best results.
  • Listen carefully for rest interval timings – these also help you achieve the maximum benefit of the prescribed set.
  • Think about pace control / what level of intensity is this set supposed to be at (refer chart)
  • Unless death, is imminent, do not stand up in the middle of the lane.
  • Be considerate of others in lane (no matter of ability)
  • And if you don’t understand instructions – please ask! (You can be sure you are not the only one with a similar query)
  • A sense of humour at all times is an asset :-)