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Thank you to a pioneer - who gave a damn about swimming

We have lost one of life's great characters.  On behalf of our swimmers who have been making the most of our 50m pool for over 25 years, we mourn the loss of John Fay - the Phantom Swimmer who ensured the paper was delivered, the banter was always interesting and the pool was always our special place.   Thank you for fighting to ensure a vision was achieved of a great plac

Welcome to our new coach

Alia Jone | Swim Squads Newmarket
Welcome to the team Alia. Alia comes from a competitive swim background (and a family of coaches).  Competing until around 15 in National competitions, Alia switched to teaching younger children preparing them for a range of skills. Squads and Foundation Skills Competitive Level Swimming Water Safety Skills Now balancing study and coaching, Alia will be on pool deck helping

New Era for Swim Squad

After standing poolside since 1993, Rick Wells has handed over the coaching paddles and swim lanes to Dan Feisst.  It is a new era for the squad, and an opportunity to build on decades of cameraderie and routine of masters squads at The Olympic in Newmarket. Rick Wells shared... Standing poolside since 1993 has been a tremendous privilege and joy for me as I have watched thousands